• Date: 2010 Jun 26

Woman’s Position in Islam

 After so much being oppressed, abused and slaved the shining sun of Islam rose up and granted women their fair rights and ended oppression and injustice against them. Islam released woman from slavery and captivity, treated her quite humanly and in an appropriate manner, enhanced her position and elevated her degree. It granted woman her complete rights, defended her life, freedom and value and established justice and virtue for people of all civilizations. Islam saved woman from injustice, and treated her fair and respect. A Woman in all her life ages as a girl, wife or mother has been given her rights in the holy religion of Islam. Islam has considered rights of life, inheritance, possession and learning for women fourteen centuries ago while the developed countries have been ignoring women’s rights till 19th century.
The answer for the prejudiced people who claim that Islam has been unfair about women is the following: “It is strange that the rumor- mongers, the prejudiced, the sensual and colonists say that Islam has oppressed women, deprived them of their rights and has not given them the position they deserve. if these people had paid attention to the Qur’an’s commands, the Holy Prophet’s (SAW) narrations and life style of the Infallible Imams, they would undoubtedly confess that Islam has performed the ideal justice for women, given them their complete rights and defined a high and prominent position for them while at the same time they were purchased and possessed in Europe and thought of as dirty satanic corpse in ancient Greece.
Islam has assigned man to be affectionate with woman, and appreciate her position, fulfill her needs and protect her. In Islam, a married man should pay her wife’s dowry. Islam has studied women’s position fairly and justly, granted them their complete rights, and tried to protect their honor and reputation.”
It is quite obvious from these explanations that the enlightening religion of Islam has treated woman fairly and spared her enough affection and attention. Even the slightest right of women either as a girl, a wife or mother hasn’t been violated in Islam. These are some of Islam’s statements about woman. But while these issues are proposed in Islam, Rome government passes a rule, according which a woman, cannot possess anything and it’s the head of the family who decides about her and from legal point of view she is a permanent immature creature.
So we see that according to human issued rules, a woman cannot possess her properties while in Islam women have the right to possess their own properties.
Islam has practiced justice and fairness towards women, granted them all their rights, and preserved their reputation and honor. Islam puts woman in high position, which she deserves. Sympathizing with women, Islam defends them and eliminates the oppressions and tyrannies done to them.
Mothers and their values in Islam
Islam has considered the rights of mothers in the best form. The Holy Prophet (SAW) says:
“Heaven lies under the feet of mothers”.
It is said that, a man came to the Holy Prophet (SAW) and said: “O’ Messenger of God! Who deserves the most friendship and fondness to me?”
The Prophet (SAW) stated: “your mother”.
The man said: “after her?”
The Prophet (SAW) said: “your mother”.
The man asked: “after her?”
The Prophet (SAW) again answered, “Your mother.”
For the fourth time the man asked: “after her?”
He said: “your father.”
According to this honorable narration we find that in Islam the position of mother is higher than of father.
Marriage and its goal in Islam
Marriage is a natural issue by which a warm intimate family is formed and results in perseverance of human generation and mutual friendship between man and woman. In a family both sides try to solve the problems and overcome difficulties of life by means of cooperation and friendship and so they achieve happiness and felicity and create calmness in their family environment.
Reference: Mahjubah magazine (244); Author : Behjat Afraz, Translator : Akbar Batooee
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