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Support by Allah


Support by Allah

In the profane society, people develop their characters according to the power or statutes they have. For someone to be self-confident, he must be either very rich or famous, or beautiful or handsome. Being the son or daughter of a "respected" man is also an important reason of self-confidence in such a community.

However undoubtedly it is completely different for the believers. Because the believers rely on no one or no support at all, but only Allah. They do not attach importance to any worldly criteria that the unbelievers follow.

Because, Allah is always the supporter of the believers. He does not let them be down against the unbelievers. Allah has decreed: "it is I and my messengers who must prevail": for Allah is one full of strength, able to enforce his will." (Al-mujadila, 21). So the messengers and the ones who follow them will triumph with this great support. Allah guarantees: "should they intend to deceive thee,- verily Allah sufficeth thee: he it is that hath strengthened thee with his aid and with (the company of) the believers;".(al-anfal 62)

It should never be forgotten that it is only Allah who strengthens, improves and lets the believers succeed. It is not enough just to hold on to some physical causes. The physical causes can do nothing; they are merely physical and verbal prayers. Allah creates the desired results as a response to those prayers. That's why the believers rely only on the support of Allah.

And they are therefore so courageous and confident and they challenge the world. They become so strong to be affected by any negation. Musa (Moses), who does not lose heart while all his people transgress, says: "and Moses said: "if ye show ingratitude, ye and all on earth together, yet is allah free of all wants, worthy of all praise."(Ibrahim 8).

Musa (Moses) is so confident and fearless, as he is certain that Allah and his support is always with the believers. Allah has revealed: "we said: "fear not! For thou hast indeed the upper hand :"(ta-ha 68)

Musa's (Moses) attitude should definitely be an example to all the believers. Because Allah's promise of triumph is to all the believers. Allah has promised to protect and support the believers against the unbelievers, and make them triumph. as Qur'an expresses; "...And never will Allah grant to the unbelievers a way (to triumphs) over the believers."(An-nisa 141)

The believers are responsible for merely maintaining their devotion to Allah and being good servants of him. When this is the case, they will have nothing to fear.

"o ye who believe! guard your own souls: if ye follow (right) guidance, no hurt can come to you from those who stray. the goal of you all is to Allah: it is he that will show you the truth of all that ye do."(Al-maeda 105)

Unbelievers can never do harm to righteous. All plans and plots made against the believers will be useless. in the below verse, this mystery is explained as: "mighty indeed were the plots which they made, but their plots were (well) within the sight of Allah, even though they were such as to shake the hills!"(Ibrahim 46)

While unbelievers are plotting against believers, in fact Allah slowly drags them towards ruin. They suppose that they are more superior than believers and can easily beat them. However, Allah is on believers' side and his power, glory and greatness is manifest on the believers. Qur'an expresses this truth which cannot be comprehended by the hypocrites as follows: "they are the ones who say, "spend nothing on those who are with Allah's messenger, to the end that they may disperse (and quit medina)." But to Allah belong the treasures of the heavens and the earth; but the hypocrites understand not. They say, "if we return to medina, surely the more honorable (element) will expel therefrom the meaner." but honor belongs to Allah and his messenger, and to the believers; but the hypocrites know not."(Al-munafiqoon 7, 8)

This is a definitely unchangeable rule. Believers, in accordance with the verse "o ye who believe! take your precautions..." (an-nisa 71), shall always be careful and cautions against unbelievers; however they will be in the ease of this divine rule.

Allah explains the same rule in another verse: "those who reject Allah, hinder (men) from the path of Allah, and resist the messenger, after guidance has been clearly shown to them, will not injure Allah in the least, but he will make their deeds of no effect."(Muhammad 32)


Moral Values Of The Qur'an; By Harun Yahya

Ref: quran.al-shia.org


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