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Holy Quran Described by the Prophet (SWA)


Holy Quran Described by the Prophet Muhammad (SWA)

The Holy Prophet (SWA) has said:

1. "The people of the Quran (Qaris and those who memorize the Quran (will be in the highest level) in heaven) from among all the people, except for the Prophets and the Messengers.  Thus do not seek to degrade the people of the Quran, nor take away their rights, for surely they have been given a high rank/station from Allah (SWT)." Thawaabul A'maal, Page 224

2. "Place a portion (of goodness) from the Qur'an in your homes, for surely ease will come to the people of that house in which the Qur'an is read, and goodness will increase, and the inhabitants (of that house) will be given excess bounties." Wasaa-ilush-Shia Vol. 4, Page 85

3. "All things pray for the forgiveness of the one who teaches the Quran, even the fish in the sea." Usool Kaafi  vol. 3, page 301

4. "Nothing is harder for the Shaitan (to bear) then that a person recites the Quran by looking at the pages of it." Thawaab-ul-A'maal, page 231

5. "Nothing is harder for the Shaitan (to bear) then that a person recites the Quran by looking at the pages of it." Thawaab-ul-A'maal, page 231

6. "These hearts, just like iron, become rusted and the way to remove this (clean this rust from the hearts) is by the recitation of the Quran." Irshaade Quloob; page 78

7. "Brighten your houses by the recitation of the Quran, and do not make them like graves, like the Jews and Christians have done." Usool-e-Kaafi vol. 2, page 610

8. "One who recites 10 aayat of the Quran every night, will not be counted among the heedless, negligent ones (Ghafileen); and one who recites 50 aayat will be written as those who remember Allah (Dhakireen); and one who recites 100 aayat (every night) will be written down as the obedient and worshippers  of Allah (Qaaniteen)." Thawaab-ul-Amaal page 232

9. "Whoever the Holy Qur'an is in his speech and masjid his house;  Allah s.w.t. will grant him a house in Paradise".

10. "Brighten your homes with the recitation of the Holy Qur'an, do not turn them to graves. Surely, the house with much recitation of the Qur'anenjoys more blessings;  in it the inhabitants benefit.Their light shines towards the inhabitants of the heaven as stars shine to the inhabitants of the earth".

11. "The eyes which weep from the recitation of the Qur'an will be shining with delight on the Day of Accounting".

12. "Whoever recites the Qur'an in order to gain the pleasure of Allah and to acquire deepunderstanding of the religion; the reward will be similar to what is given to the angelsand the Prophets".

13. "The best of those among you is the one who learns the Quran and then teaches it to others." Amaali of Shaykh Toosi Vol. 1, Page 5

14. "Indeed the Glorious and Almighty has 3 sanctuaries unparalleled: His Book which is His Light and Wisdom, His House which is the Quiblah for mankind, and my household".

15. "Whoever recites the first four ayaat of Sura Baqarah, Ayatul Kursi along with the two ayaat following it (ayah 256 and 257 up to 'feeha khaalidoon'), a nd the last three ayaat (of this same Sura), will not see any bad or sorrow in his life or his wealth; and shaitan will not come near him; and he will not forget the Quran." Thawaabul A'maal page 234

16. "I, the book of Allah and my progeny will be the first to come to the Almighty, the Omnipotent (on the Day of Judgement); then my Ummah will come after us. Then I will ask: "What did you do with the Book of Allah and my Ahlul-Bait?" Usool-e-Kaafi vol. 4  page 400

17. "Surely this Quran is the rope of Allah, and a manifest light (noor), and a beneficial cure; therefore busy yourself with the recitation of it, for Allah - the Mighty and the Glorious - gives the reward of ten good deeds to you for every letter that is recited." Bihaar-ul-Anwaar vol. 92  page 19

18. "Whenever the waves of calamities encompass you like the dark night, seek refuge with the Quran - for it is an intercessor whose intercession will be accepted; and one who takes it as a guide, Allah will lead that person into heaven; and whoever disregards it or goes against it will be lead into the hell fire." Fadhl Quran Page 599

19. "Recite the Quran in such a way that your hearts develop a love for it and your skin becomes softened by it; but as soon as your hearts become indifferent to it (meaning that the Quran has no effect on you), then do not continue to recite it." Mustadrak al-Wasaail Vol. 4, Page 239.

20. "One who finishes the recitation of the Quran in the Holy City of  Mecca from one Jumah (Friday) to another Jumah or more (than one week), but completes the Quran on the day of Jumah, Allah (SWT) will write for that person the reward of good deeds from the first Jumah one came into the world, until the last Jumah that one will remain alive in it." Thawaab-ul-A'maal Page 225

21. "One who listens to the Quran (while it is being recited), will be kept away from the evils of this world; and one who recites the Quran will be kept away from the trials of the hereafter; and the person who listens to even one ayah of the book of Allah (SWT) it is better (for him) than a mansion of gold." Bihaar-ul-Anwaar Vol. 92, Page 19

22. "The number of levels (stages) in Heaven is the number of Ayaat in the Quran, so when a recitor of the Quran enters into Heaven it will be said to him:  'Go up one level for every ayah you can recite,'  thus there will no one in a higher level than the Haafiz-e-Quran (one who has memorized the entire Quran)." Bihaar-ul-Anwaar Vol. 92, page 22

23. "If you want ease and success in this world, the death of a martyr, to be saved on the Day of Loss,  a shade on the Day of the burning Qiyaamat, and guidance on the Day of going astray - then take lessons from the Quran - for it is the word of the Merciful, protection from the Shaitan, and one of the most weightiest of things for the scale of deeds (on the Day of Judgement)." Jaamiul Akhbar, Page 78

"Surely the recitation of the Quran is a kaffarra (atonement) for the sins, and a covering (protection) from the hell-fire, and a safety from the punishment, and mercy will descend upon the recitor, and the angels will seek forgiveness for him, and heaven will long for that person, and his Master (Allah) will be pleased with him." Biharul Anwaar, Volume 93, Page 17


Ref: quran.al-shia.org

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