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Birth and Family Background:

Abū Ghālib was born on 27 Rabi’-ul-Thānī 285 Hegira in Kūfah. His full name is: Ahmad son of Muhammad son of Muhammad son of Suleimān son of Hasan son of Jahm son of Bukair son of A’yun Shaybānī Kūfī Baghdadi.

He was a highly esteemed Shiite figure in the 4th century Hegira, and was considered as a great narrator of Hadīths (Traditions of the holy Prophet of Islam and his succeeding infallible Imams A.S.) as well as a teacher of distinguished Islamic Jurisprudents such as Sheikh Mufīd. He was also a disciple of the Saint Imam during the period of Minor Occultation of Imam Mahdī (Aj.F.).

Abū Ghālib lost his father at the age of five and was brought up by his erudite grandfather, Muhammad son of Suleimān. At the age of twelve he learnt much narration through the great narrator of Traditions: Humeirī.

His grandfather died when he was fifteen years old. He was twenty-eight years old when he was deprived of all his material assets in an unfortunate event. He preformed Hajj at the age of sixty-five and lived near Kaaba for one year.


His Family:

With regard to his family, Sayyed Bahr-ul-Ulūm says: “The family of A’yun has been one of the most prominent families in Kūfah. They have all been followers of the Ahl-ul-Bayt (pbut), and enjoyed a high social status. Some outstanding personages belong to that family. They were close disciples of the infallible Imams (pbuh)during a long period, starting from the era of Imam Sajjād (pbuh), Imam Bāqir (pbuh)and Imam Sādiq (pbuh)up to the era of Minor Occultation (of the Twelfth Imam, May Allah hasten his reappearance!).

The family of A’yun had produced a large number of sages, Islamic Jurisprudents, men of letters, reciters of the Holy Qur’an, narrators of Hadīths, etc.”


His Sons:

Abū Ghālib had a son named Ubaidullah who was born in the year 313H. Despite his father’s wishes, he did not show any interest towards Islamic science; but later, his son, Muhammad, followed the path of his grandfather, Abū Ghālib. 

Abū Ghālib has dedicated his “Risālah” (Treatise) to his grandson, Muhammad.


His Correspondence With Imām ‘Asr (Aj.F.):

Among other merits of Abū Ghālib Zurārī is his correspondence with Imam ‘Asr (May Allah hasten his reappearance) through the Special Representatives of His Holiness, which is really accounted as a grand honor for Abū Ghālib.


Sayings of Great Ulamā About Him:

Sheikh Tūsī praises Abū Ghālib by saying: “He was a praiseworthy savant with a large collection of Hadīths and Narrations. Also he was a Sheikh (elder/ mentor) of Shiites of his time and a trustworthy figure for the Shiite Jurisprudents.”

Allāmah Majlisī and Sayyed Bahr-ul-Ulūm, too, have similarly praised Abū Ghālib.


His Teachers:

He was taught by famous Shiite luminaries of his time like his own grandfather, Muhammad son of Suleimān, and other teachers like Ali son of Hussein Sa’d-Ābādī, Abdullah son of Ja’far Humayrī, Muhammad son of Hasan son of Ali son of Mahzyār Ahwāzī, Muhammad son of Humām Iskāfī, and Muhammad son of Ya’qūb Kulaynī.


His Students:

His students included outstanding personalities like Sheikh Mufīd, Hārūn son of Mūsā Tal-‘Akbarī, Hussein son of Ubaidullah Ghazāyerī, Ahmad son of Abdul-Wāhid (known as Ibn-e ‘Abdūn), and Abul-Abbās Ahmad son of Ali son of Abbās Seirāfī.


His Writings:

He authored many valuable books on various topics, including the following:

1)    “Risālah (Treatise) of Abū Ghālib Zurārī”

2)    “Kitāb-ul-Ad’iyah” (Book of Supplications)

3)    “Al-Ifdhāl”

4)    “Al-Tārīkh” (History)

5)    “Du’a Al-Safar” (Prayer for Going On A Trip)

6)    “Du’a Al-Sirr”

7)    “Manāsik-ul-Hajj” (Hajj Rituals)

8)    “Juz’ fī Khutbah Al-Ghadīr”

9)    “Akhbār Tahāmah”

  10)      “Akhbār Majmū’ah”


His Death:

Abū Ghālib Zurārī, the great Islamic scholar, passed away in the year 368 H. at the age of eighty-three in Baghdad and was buried in Kāzimayn.

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