• Date: 2010 Sep 19

The Seventh of Mutharram



The Imam and his followers were totally cut off from water and their throats burned from thirst. At this point the Imam asked ′Abbās to bring some water for the women and children. ′Abbās and twenty others each took a water skin and, during the night, marched towards the Euphrates. ′Abbās was in the middle and all twenty around him to protect his water skin and Nafi’ Ibn Hilal al-Bujali took the flag.


The guards at that part of the river asked, “Who is this?”


He said, “We came to drink water.”


The soldiers answered, “Go drink water as much as you like, but do not carry any back for Husayn.”


Nafi’ replied, “By God, I am not going to drink a drop of water while Husayn and his family are thirsty!” He called on his people to go and get water. Some of them filled the water skins and the others fought. They were able to get water back to the camp, but a few bags of water are not much for a whole camp of men, women, and children, as well as horses and other animals.




Source: Karbala and Ashura  Followed by Ziyarah of Ashura and Ziyara of Warith by Ali Hussain Jalali

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